EMJ Capital Ltd. was founded in 2017 by Eric Jackson, Ph.D., and is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an Exempt Market Dealer, Investment Fund Manager and Restricted Portfolio Manager and is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in Alberta and British Columbia. It oversees investment vehicles and separately managed accounts in Canada, using a proprietary AI/ML-driven algorithm for selecting long/short tech equities. We believe strongly that AI and ML will disrupt the hedge fund and many other industries over the next few years and we would rather be the disruptors than be disrupted.

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EMJ Capital’s Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson has overseen activist tech strategies as well as fundamental research-driven long/short tech strategies as a hedge fund manager and seen the strengths and weaknesses of those approaches.

He led the 2-year development program of EMJ’s AI/ML-driven algorithm and selected the software development team which built it. 

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