Eric Jackson

President & Portfolio Manager

Eric Jackson, Ph.D., is the Founder/President and Portfolio Manager of EMJ Capital Ltd, which he founded in 2017. Eric was previously involved as an investor in Yahoo and Viacom as a Managing Director at SpringOwl Event Driven Partners from 2014 – 2016. Eric co-founded and was the Portfolio Manager of Ironfire Capital LLC from 2008 – 2014.

Eric was President of Jackson Leadership Systems from 2004 – 2008, and was Vice President of Business Development at VoiceGenie Technologies Inc from 2000 – 2004. Eric has a Ph.D. in Management from the Columbia Business School (2002), and a BA in English Literature from McGill University (1994).

Eric is a tech and media investor with a non-traditional background for a hedge fund manager. His career has spanned being a scholar, an operator within a high-growth tech start-up, a management consultant, and an activist investor.

He hasn’t spent his career staring at a screen with no direct contact to the tech world. His diverse background, career experience and 20-year rolodex directly relate to his characteristic and sustainable perspective on where the next generation of growth companies are going to come from. 

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Eric Jackson’s diverse background has resulted in a distinct research framework, operational experience, an innovative perspective, and a 20-year network of tech and media contacts.

EMJ Capital’s Eric Jackson

President and Founder, Eric Jackson has a track record for finding Multi-Year Compounding companies early on.

His varied background as an operator for a tech start-up, a consultant, a scholar, and an activist investor, has lead to a compelling perspective and to EMJ Capital’s out-performance.

Eric Jackson, Ph.D.

To Know and Be Known

Eric Jackson’s Ph.D. Dissertation – To Know and Be Known (2002)

Written 20 years ago, Eric Jackson’s Ph.D. dissertation is one of the first studies to fully explore how a firm’s management and board characteristics are linked to IPO market capitalization and post-IPO performance.

Read Eric Jackson’s To Know and Be Known, Upper Echelons Capital’s Effects of IPO Performance.