EMJ Capital



  • Proprietary AI/ML-driven algorithm used to select long/short technology stocks from around the world

  • Eric Jackson and EMJ’s software development team built the algo but now the machine tells us when to buy, when to sell, when to short and when to cover based on our rigorous back-testing

  • We believe that a software-based AI/ML-driven active approach to portfolio selection can outperform human active managers and passive index-hugging ETFs over time; that’s what gets us excited every day

  • While the AI/ML Investment Tool will provide us with investment ideas, we always review all investment ideas generated by the AI/ML Investment Tool and make the final investment decisions

What’s Different About EMJ

  • Latte-sipping, gray fleece vest-wearing 20-something MBA “hedge fund bros” need not apply; we believe in a software-first approach to building our team and picking our stocks for our investors
  • We believe strongly that AI and ML are in the first inning of disrupting the hedge fund industry and every other industry
  • We would rather surf that wave of disruption than get hit over the head by that wave
EMJ – Non-Traditional Background Unique Perspective
  • We have a investment committee meeting every morning with our tech stock-picking algorithm; the algorithm never gets too embarrassed to tell us when to buy, when to sell, when to short, and when to cover; it never tries to curry favor with the boss; it very matter-of-factly tells us when we should go long a stock that lost 98% of its value in the prior year without fearing for its career advancement; the algorithm never tells us the market is wrong; the algorithm never tells us a stock will bounce back soon if it loses 20% of its value; the algorithm never sells in May and goes to the Hamptons
  • We began live trading our algo on June 1st, 2023 with V.1; we fully expect to continue to have to constantly improve future versions of our algo to stay ahead of others; we believe this approach will outperform human-led bottoms-up stock picking and passive index-hugging algo-based ETFs over time; that’s our aim

EMJ Capital’s Eric Jackson

President and Founder, Eric Jackson has a track record for finding Multi-Year Compounding companies early on.

His varied background as an operator for a tech start-up, a consultant, a scholar, and an activist investor, has lead to a unique perspective and to EMJ Capital’s out-performance.

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