Key Differentiators

Long/Short Equity Investment Strategy

EMJ Capital has a fundamental long-biased long/short equity strategy with a rigorous analysis on companies where technologies, products, and/or business models are undergoing change and innovation. Portfolio typically consists of 12–20 long and 11–20 short positions.

Early-Stage, Multi-Year, Compounding Growth

We strive to consistently find the next set of tech & media winners at an early stage of their growth curve — before they become more widely held. EMJ Capital has a solid track record of identifying early growth winners.

Concentrated Portfolio – High Conviction Ideas

Significant upfront research leads to high conviction. EMJ Capital has a concentrated, growth-biased global portfolio and typically consists of a balance of long and short positions. A concentrated approach gives clients more exposure to the next-generation of growth tech companies.

Tax Efficient Strategy – Hold Positions

EMJ Capital has a long-term orientation and often holds best ideas for 2–3 years, expecting them to double or triple over that period. Many winners outperform expectations – so why sell? Holding positions for a long duration makes the EMJ Capital strategy tax efficient for investors.

Proprietary Data Science Program

Our Data Science Program is tied to the EMJ Capital tech focus and long-term holding period. In addition to our primary company research, our proprietary approach uses alternative datasets to identify early moves in stocks, and signals of software adoption and disruption.

Unique Network

Eric Jackson maintains a 20-year network of technology and venture capital executives worldwide who invest in public and private tech and media. We have regular conversations and meetings with our network about innovation and growth in tech and media.

Eric Jackson, Ph.D., Founder/President

EMJ Capital Founder/President, Eric Jackson, is a Tech and Media Investor with a non-traditional background. He has been an operator in a tech company, a consultant, an activist investor, and a scholar. His diverse experiences lend to a unique perspective and to EMJ Capital’s outperformance.

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