Key Differentiators

Using a proprietary research model and innovative data science to identify early-stage, multi-year compounding companies in tech & media, EMJ Capital manages a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio, holding its best ideas for years. EMJ’s fundamental long-biased long/short equity strategy is focused and tax efficient.

Multi-Year, Compounding Companies

We strive to consistently find the next set of tech & media winners at an early stage of their growth curve — multi-year compounders — before they become more widely held. EMJ Capital has a solid track record of finding big winners that double, triple, quadruple over time.

Next-Gen FAANGs

With a focus on a range of innovative tech companies (US/Intl, Growth/Value, Small/Large), EMJ Capital has a history of making landmark stock predictions. We uncover early indicators that a company has the potential to be a Next-Gen FAANG – before they become household names

Desperately Seeking #NeverSell Companies

Since our inception 4 years ago, EMJ has come across evergreen growth stories where the companies end up vastly exceeding our most optimistic expectations. We call these #NeverSell companies. These are the kinds of companies you want to hold for 10 – 20 years and not just 2 – 3 years. In the best-case scenarios, these companies exceed our most optimistic expectations by 10x, 20x, or even 100x.

Proprietary Data Science

We have crafted our data science program around our Best (and Worst) Ideas approach. In addition to our primary company research, our proprietary approach analyzes intra-portfolio correlations and uses alternative datasets to identify early moves in stocks, signals of software adoption and disruption, and conditions that indicate that a company will 10x over several years

Eric Jackson’s 20 Year Tech Executive Network

Eric Jackson’s tech operational experience and background as an activist investor helped him build a proprietary network of technology influencers and venture capital executives who invest in or run public and private tech and media companies. He maintains the 20-year worldwide network through regular meetings about innovation and growth in tech and media.

Meaningful Exposure to Most Exciting Growth Companies

EMJ Capital offers meaningful exposure to the most exciting early-stage growth companies at the starting phase of their S-curves. We seek out disruptive technologies and companies going after large, totally addressable markets. EMJ looks for $2- $50 billion market cap companies that are going to double or triple over the next 2-3 years.

Concentrated Portfolio – High Conviction Ideas

We believe that a concentrated portfolio approach focused on our Best Ideas will deliver the optimal combination of high returns, similar risk, and low correlation with the major indices over time. EMJ Capital has a concentrated, growth-biased global portfolio and typically consists of a balance of long and short positions. Our concentrated approach gives clients more exposure to the next generation of growth tech companies.

Holding our Best Ideas for Years

We ride out periods of volatility, expecting companies to significantly compound over the long term. Many winners outperform expectations – so why sell? We ride out periods of market volatility rather than cut risk indiscriminately.

Volatility Is A Feature, Not a Bug, of this Strategy

The most significant growth companies in history have all gone through major periods of volatility during their early years as public companies – ours are no exception to that rule.

Eric Jackson, Ph.D., Founder/President

EMJ Capital Founder/President, Eric Jackson, is a Tech and Media Investor with a non-traditional background. He has been an operator in a tech company, a consultant, an activist investor, and a scholar. His diverse experiences lead to a unique perspective and to EMJ Capital’s outperformance.

Generalist Approach

EMJ Capital believes that over time, a Generalist Approach to tech hedge funds has several advantages over a Specialist Approach. EMJ utilizes a Generalist Approach with a team of inter-disciplinary, collaborative data scientists who manage for performance despite risks. This is the ideal background to execute our Best Ideas strategy.