About EMJ Capital Ltd.

EMJ Capital, Ltd. was founded in 2017 by Eric Jackson, Ph.D., and is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as a Restricted Portfolio Manager. EMJ Capital oversees separately managed accounts using a fundamental concentrated tech-focused long/short equity. Eric Jackson, Ph.D., is the President and Portfolio Manager of EMJ Capital Ltd. Learn more about Founder and President, Eric Jackson.


Rigorous fundamental long/short analysis on companies where technologies, products, and/or business models are undergoing change and innovation. Concentrated, growth-biased, global, and tax efficient. Click to learn more about EMJ Capital Investment Strategy.


  • Gaming
  • Streaming/OTT/Media
  • Consumer Internet
  • Enterprise software
  • Fintech
  • Marketplaces

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Generalist Approach

EMJ’s Generalist Approach favours inter-disciplinary, collaborative data scientists who manage for performance despite risks. Click to learn more about EMJ Capital and the Generalist Approach.

What’s Different about EMJ?

Based in Toronto, outside the herd of hedge fund groupthink.

Proprietary data science program to help identify early trends which may be indicators of stocks that are about to break out.

Track record of identifying early growth winners.

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Eric Jackson

Founder of EMJ Capital, Eric Jackson, Ph.D., did not sit in front of a screen on Wall Street for his entire career. He’s been an operator in a tech company, a consultant, an activist investor, and a scholar. He maintains a 20-year network of technology and venture capital executives who invest in public and private tech and media firms. Learn more about Eric Jackson.