EMJ Capital Ltd. pursues a long/short equity investment strategy focused on companies at early-stages of multi-year compounding growth. It manages a concentrated portfolio so that its highest conviction ideas get a disproportionate amount of weight behind them. Our public company venture capital approach ensures that our investors have meaningful exposure to the most exciting growth companies at the starting phase of their S-curves. EMJ Capital holds its best ideas for years, meaning the strategy tends to be very tax efficient.

Core Strategy – Concentrated 25 Best Ideas

EMJ’s Core Strategy is to be invested in the best 25 growth companies at all times. Our portfolio typically consists of our 25 Best Long Ideas and 12 – 25 Worst Ideas for short positions. We want to invest each incremental dollar in our 25 best ideas and NOT our 83rd best idea. Learn more.

Multi-year Compounding Companies

Compounding Growth

Consistently find the next set of tech & media winners – before they become widely held
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Long Bias Long/Short Equity

Investment Strategy

A fundamental long-biased long/short equity strategy with a rigorous analysis
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Proprietary Data Science

Alternative Datasets

We have crafted our data science program around our Best (and Worst) Ideas approach
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Concentrated Portfolio

High Conviction Ideas

We believe that a concentrated portfolio approach focused on our Best Ideas will deliver the optimal combination of high returns, similar risk, and low correlation with the major indices over time
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Eric Jackson's Tech Exec Network

Maintained for 20 Years

Tech and venture capital execs worldwide who invest in or run public & private tech & media companies
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Holding Our Best Ideas

For Years

We ride out periods of volatility, expecting companies to significantly compound over the long term
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Accredited Investor

Connect with EMJ Capital if you are an interested accredited investor.

  • Multi-year Compounding Companies
  • Next-Gen FAANGs
  • Desperately Seeking #NeverSell Companies
  • Proprietary Data Science
  • Eric Jackson’s 20 Year Tech Executive Network
  • Long-bias Long/Short Equity
  • Meaningful Exposure to Most Exciting Growth Companies
  • Concentrated Portfolio – High Conviction Ideas
  • Holding our Best Ideas for Years
  • Volatility Is A Feature, Not a Bug, of this Strategy
  • Generalist Approach

EMJ Capital

Eric Jackson

President and Founder, Eric Jackson has a track record for finding Multi-Year Compounding Companies early on.

He’s been an operator in a tech company, a consultant, an activist investor, and a scholar.

Learn more about Eric Jackson.

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