Key Differentiators


NetworkEMJ Capital has access to a unique set of technology and venture capital executives worldwide. We have regular conversations and meetings with our network about innovation and growth in tech and media
Unusual growth investments ahead of the curveWe strive to consistently find the next set of tech & media winners at an early stage of their growth curve, before they become more widely held. We have deep respect for the FAANMG companies but we typically don’t invest in them
Long-term OrientationSignificant upfront research leads to high conviction. We often hold positions for 2 – 3 years, expecting them to double or triple over that period
Data Science Program Tied to Tech FocusData science team takes a proprietary approach to using alternative datasets to identify early moves in stocks. This program is aligned with the manager’s tech focus and long-term orientation
Concentrated PortfolioOur portfolio typically consists of 12 – 20 long and 11 – 20 short positions. Our concentration gives clients more exposure to the next-generation of growth tech companies