Netflix Sketched Out Its Plans To Be A Streaming Company 15 Years Ago

Netflix Rental Website year 2000

A tech company which has grown up in plain sight of us as a public company for 13 years is Netflix.

Netflix IPO’ed in 2002. However, they actually filed to go public in April 2000. They were hoping the window would stay open but the dot com crash didn’t cooperate. In the year prior to filing to IPO, Netflix did $5 million in revenues and had a loss of $30 million. When they finally were able to successfully go public in 2002, their year prior revenues had blossomed to $75 million but losses were still $38 million.

Just to put it in perspective, in the last year for Twitter as a private company, they had revenues of $317 million and losses of $79 million.

But Netflix needed to IPO in 2002 …

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